Universal Punch Corporation

  Style A-10 Basic single gage with standard carrier

Style B-10, B-20, B-40 Basic extended gage with standard carrier

Prod. #Diameter RangeShipping WeightPart Length RangeGage LengthGage WidthPrice
Model A-101/8"-1"4.5 lbsUp to 3"8.5"4.5"$855.00
Model B-101/8"-1"4.9 lbsUp to 4"10.5"4.5"$980.00
Model B-203/8"-2"6.4 lbsUp to 6"12.5"4.5"$1,130.00
Model B-403/4"-4"11.2 lbsUp to 8"14.5"6"$1,680.00
Model E-101/8"-1"4.9 lbsUp to 4"N/AN/A$1,130.00
Model E-203/8"-2"6.4 lbsUp to 6"N/AN/A$1,275.00
Model E-403/4"-4"11.2 lbsUp to 8"N/AN/A$1,790.00
Model F-101/8"-1"4.9 lbsUp to 4"N/AN/A$1,150.00