Chuck Keys

  • Nickel thumb grip styles increase leverage and user comfort.
  • Soft steel handles limit the potential for dangerous fracturing under excessive load.
  • Self-ejecting models with spring-loaded ejectors ensure key disengagement after tightening.
Prod. #Model No.Pilot Size-inUsed OnPrice
3637KO1/80 Series$0.00
3641K15/321 Series$0.00
3649K21/42 Series$0.00
3651K35/163, 34 Series & 14N$0.00
3655K4 3/836. 16, 18N$0.00
3657K5 7/1620N$0.00
3659K77/327 Series$0.00
3664K30 15/1631 Series & 8-1/2N$0.00
30052KK9/32DC8, SM8, 74K, 22BA, 23BA, 24BA, 26BA, 29-33$0.00
14273KG11/41/4 & 3/8' Multi-Craftr (black handle)$0.00
3666K32 1/432,33 Series & 11N$0.00