When your requirements call for clamps, specify Armstrong--the most accepted name in the business.  Armstrong manufactures its clamps from the best materials.  Screws and frames are hardened to provide great strength and durability.


A-Ball Joint Swivel Pad

An exclusive with Armstrong, this patented feature assures the most secure system of locking pad to screw.  Lip of pad is undercut.  When ball of screw is inserted into pad and lip is forced down, a solid steel wall is formed inside the pad cavity.  It completely encircles the ball insuring a permanent attachment but retaining plenty of swivel.

B-Heavy Walled Hub

Offers greater support for screw.  Helps to prevent bending as the hub bears much of the stress.  Makes for a longer lasting clamp.


Extra large anvil is carefully broached to assure a flat surface and proper alignment with screw.  Provides greater gripping area for big work, yet permits pin-point clamping of small or uneven pieces.