Procunier Tapping Heads

Machine Tool and Supply offers a diverse array of Procunier tapping heads. These tapping heads are excellent for blind or shallow holes with program feed rates at 100 percent. We carry the Procunier Tru-Tap attachments, the style F tapping attachment, and the style E tapping attachments. These attachments have a blanced heat treated gear reversing mechanism which minimizes strain and wear. Machine Tool and Supply offers attachments which run from 800 rpms up to 3000 rpms, depending on the need. No matter how you judge tapping equipment you'll find that Procunier tapping heads are the best for less. As usual, Machine Tool and Supply only offers the best in every line of our tools, and with over 40 years in the business of making tapping heads, Procunier offers the same experience we require of all the companies we offer to our customers.